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join_scentsySome people think about making some extra money to help pay a few bills. Most of those people go look for a part time job. The problem with that and what most struggle with is the time it takes away from spending time with the family. That’s why I chose Scentsy. Scentsy has become our family business and has supplemented the income that we were lacking.  When I say family business, I mean that my six year old helps me get samples created and catalogs labeled. My husband will help with running to the post office or getting things ready to send out.  We’re all on board and that’s what makes it a successful business AND something we can all do together. There have been a lot of nights spent watching movies  as a family, while labeling catalogs at the same time. My oldest daughter has helped by keeping my customer contact information up to date.

Sell Scentsy

We love helping my team members take advantage of all the opportunities they have with Scentsy and being able to help with the bills.  Some people are skeptical and don’t understand how you could make money selling Scentsy wax and warmers. But, we think there are a lot of consultants out there that can prove them wrong. It really is easy when you love a product. I loved candles and bought different types of wax to try to get the strength of scent I was looking for. I never found it with a candle that used a wick. Once you blow out the flame, it just smells like burnt wick now. With Scentsy, even if you turn it off, it still smells amazing and it’s safer than a wicked candle.

Please let me know if you have any questions about selling Scentsy warmers and wax. I’ve been in this business for 5+ years and I enjoy sharing the opportunity with others.

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