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Signing Up to Sell:

When you sign up to sell Scentsy Candles you will be a little overwhelmed with the possibilities of the opportunity to make more money. Ideas will be flowing and you’ll count how many people that you know that will be your best customers and the people that will sign up under you to sell Scentsy on your team.  I didn’t sleep too well the first few nights after signing up.. I would lie in bed and think of all the ways that I could make money by selling Scentsy warmers and products. I did reach out to all my friends and family and let them know that I was selling the products and most of them had never heard of the candle warmers before.  I realized how new this product was to everyone and knew then that I could make this work.

When I received my enrollment kit, I sat in my living room floor and went through everything, smelling all 80 candle testers, browsing through all the materials and getting that full size candle warmer warming the new scent in our home, so that family would come over and smell how great it was.

I had just moved to Idaho from Los Angeles and had never heard of the Scentsy Products before.  I strolled into an open house to check out what Scentsy was all about.  I thought it was the neatest thing and I decided to sign up to sell Scentsy and see if I could make some extra money to make up for the fact that I was the only one working at the time.

I was so excited about the product, that everytime I spoke to someone about it, they’d either want to buy some candle warmers or sign up to join my team as well.  It didnt seem like I had to do much to sell the products and it was going very smooth.  I soon had a team of 50 consultants under me from all over the United States.  That number of consultants kept growing and growing and I now of a group of over 225 consultants and I’m very excited that it will continue to grow.

Scentsy Commissions

Scentsy makes it very easy to sell their products because they’re always offering promotions and sale offers to allow you to pass those savings onto your customers without having to lose your commission. You are paid commission on your sales and receive that commission loaded  on a pre-paid visa on the 10th of every month. There’s no waiting for the check to be mailed.


I earned a trip to Hawaii last year for my fiance and I both to enjoy three days on the Big Island. It was really fantastic. I would’ve never been able to afford a trip to Hawaii on my own. The Scentsy convention is being held in Fort Worth, Texas this year, in August. It’s so exciting to attend convention, see all the new products that are being released and be able to take home so much free product.  I would recommend it to everyone.  If you’re on the fence about selling Scentsy, please contact me, I will answer any questions that you have and help you start your own Scentsy business.

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