Skate the Day Away Scentsy Collectible Warmer

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This Scentsy Skate The Day Away Warmer is a Collectible Warmer for the Holiday Season. 

Every November Scentsy releases a Collectible numbered Candle Warmer that has something really special about it. This new Skate the Day Away warmer is incredible and has very detailed thought out design.

So, we’re keeping our limited-edition holiday warmer tradition going strong with our new Skate the Day Away Warmer!

A unique one of a kind centerpiece and conversation starter for any holiday gathering.

Displays a winter town that is a perfect backdrop for a day of ice skating on a frozen pond. When you flip the switch to turn the candle warmer on , you’ll be amazed as you watch four skaters put on a mesmerizing show, as they turn figure 8s and magnetically glide across the ice.

Each Skate the Day Away warmer will be numbered to be a unique, limited-edition collectible. And to add to this amazing warmer – You’ll also receive a matching Christmas ornament to add to your Christmas Tree.

The Skate the Day Away Warmer will be available for $160 while supplies last, starting at 10am on Nov. 15th.  

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