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There are many reasons why people join Scentsy to become consultants.  There are also many ways to have success with your Scentsy business!

money with scentsyScentsy Success

Top 5 things that can help you have a successful Scentsy Business:

Customer Service:

Without our loyal customers, there is no business.  Treat them well, offer incentives and keep them updated (but not hounded) on all the latest Scentsy Specials and promotions. Your customers are everything to your business.

Time Management:

Scentsy can take some time, and with a little effort, you’ll be amazed at the results.  The best thing about Scentsy is that it’s flexible, if you only have 5 hours a week to spend on your business, that’s okay.. some days you won’t have anytime at all because of our personal lives and duties.  The month following that stressful month, you might have more time. It’s all about balance.

Treat it like a business:

If you plan on being a success, you have to treat Scentsy like a real business.  Open up your own Scentsy bank account, have business cards made and promote your business. There’s lots of free ways to promote your business!

Product Knowledge:

Stay updated on all the new Scentsy products, new catalog releases and all the Scentsy promotions that help you with your business.  Make sure you understand how the products work and can answer questions that customers might have. Scentsy makes it easy to learn about the products, with their training and assistance. Coming up with promotions for us to use, makes it so much more fun.

Love the Scentsy Products:

The Easiest way to be a successful Scentsy consultant is to love the Scentsy Products.  If you love the products you sell, it makes it so much easier.  Loving the products isn’t a hard task…everyone falls in love with Scentsy.

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